Monday, August 24, 2009

Largest Sunday to date

I'm so glad to have so many ministry minded, capable people in our little church plant. Having Jeremy Hart preach yesterday was fun for me as I got to be an attender of the service. Kyle Mielke did announcements, Beth Fields introduced Elizabeth Prieninger who did a testimony about generosity cards and we had our largest worship team yet with Dalan Zartman, Rob Dubois, Jennifer Painter and for the first time Michael Prieninger on vocals and Scott Schweitzer on drums.
We still see first time visitors each week b/c our people continue to invite their neighbors, co-workers, etc. I'm so proud of the team. Our set-up and tear-down guys do and efficient job carting supplies all over the building and the coffee & cold water is always ready for people to enjoy over conversation. Our sound and video team does a great job too. Each person walking into the school is greeted with a friendly smile and then met with the very capable Ekids volunteer staff ready to love their kids. The welcome center is another place to be greeted and given a name tag and answers to questions. Each person serving plays a vital roll creating an environment for the Body to encounter God and the people of God.
Just over a year ago 65 of us were commissioned to start this baby church. Yesterday I was told we had 162 in total attendance.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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