Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zach's 1st football game

Last night was my son Zach's first middle school football game. He's been practicing with the team since July 20th and is a wide receiver. Many guys tried out for the Davis MS 7th grade team; all of them made it on. The coaches are doing a good job giving all the guys an opportunity to shine. Last nights game was against McCord MS just down the street. We beat them 38-8. Zach made a good block which allowed one of the full backs to get a touch down. It's been nice to meet and hangout with a new group of parents. It makes me miss those summer baseball parents I spent so much time with from April-July.
Zach's next game is against Worthington Kilbourne on Wednesday, Sept. 9th. Yikes, that happens to be my 14 year wedding anniversary. I'd better get moving on a plan!

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