Friday, August 22, 2008

1st Launch Team Meeting This Sunday Night

A meeting I've literally been waiting months for is going to happen in just two days. Six months ago I thought Encounter Church would be holding services this Sept. After some wise council from my pastor, Rick Nuzum and others, we are waiting five or six months. This will allow the team of 13 families time to pray, serve, dream and bond together. Here again is the team minus one family.
Sunday nights meeting will include reminding them why a church is needed in the Dublin-Jerome area and why they are the perfect people to see that Kingdom task accomplished. We'll also look over our calendars for the next year to better plan strategic service events and go over how our small groups will operate. I will also deeply impress the importance of our core value - MULTIPLY. I'd like to see us doing this at every level. i.e. all small groups have a co-leader with the intent on "multiplying" the group so more people can be shepherded. This may be different than many have experienced before b/c so many of our past small groups were already followers of Christ. We will purposely be inviting those who don't yet know Christ so that through their encounter w/ God's people, they may also have an encounter with HIM.
I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully have a few pics. as well.

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