Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Fun at Gull Lake Ministries

What a great week at Gull Lake with 10 other families from Grace Church. The staff there served us so well and watched our children for 30+ hours so we could connect as adults. The pic. below shows us dressed for western night. It included a live band with square dance lessons after an outdoor supper. Melissa and I were also "randomly" picked to participate in a blindfold race.

Our Bible teacher for the week, Pastor Larry Kiser, spoke about various times in King David's life and did any excellent job applying them to our lives today.
I also really enjoyed spending time with my buddy Daniel Wallace the director of Gull Lake Ministries.

Here's a pic of Daniel.

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Anonymous said...

Sean, it was a thrill to get to know so many of your friends! I am excited for you and the opportunity the Lord has placed before you and the other families involved with this church plant. As you are consumed with God's agenda, He will be faithful to take care of the rest! Many blessings to you all!

Daniel "Ambush" Wallace
Gull Lake Ministries