Sunday, August 31, 2008

Middle Hour Celebration / My Last Sunday at Grace Church

This morning the Spoelstra family arrived nice and early for the 10AM Middle Hour Celebration at Grace Church. The summer is officially over and this day marks the first Sunday back to the three hour morning (8:45-10:00-11:15am). To start the '08-'09 year off Grace has a review of the summer ministries that took place. They kindly allowed me to share about our summer and how things are progressing with the launch team. I also had a few pictures from our meeting last week and the shot of the entire launch team in front of the church from two months ago.
I realized later that this morning just might have been the last Sunday morning service I attend at Grace Church. For the next five months we will either have meetings with the launch team on Sunday mornings at the YMCA or will be visiting a some other church in Columbus. After the five months are over we will begin preview/practice services at Eli Pinney Elementary that role right into our Grand Opening month of April '09.

After church I had the chance to speak with a bunch of people who asked more in depth questions and then we went out to lunch at Bob Evans with Jeremy & Erica Hart and Rob (formerly know as Gordo) & Carolyn Dubois and their boys. It was a fun, loud time as the twelve of us talked and ate.

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