Sunday, September 7, 2008

We've Only Just Begun

Today marked the first Sunday the Encounter Church Launch team started meeting on Sunday mornings. If team members want to they may attend our mother churches 1st service and then after that head over to the YMCA for our 1-2 hr. meeting.
We included the children ages Kindergarten-12th grade as we discussed the meaning of the the churches vision statement: "Seeking HIS Kingdom First". It is based off of Christ's words in Matthew 6:33.
As you will see in the pics. below, most of the team was able to attend. Melissa and I shared with the group our individual stories of asking Jesus to be our Savior.

Then we led in teaching the group how and why to give a personal testimony of their own relationship with Christ. Finally we played the Bible reference game, "Sword Drill" with adults vs. kids. The theme in each passage had to do with the "Kingdom of Heaven". It was a fight but in the end the kids beat us adults fair and square! I had the opportunity to explain what the verses meant with some object lessons and the group added some excellent thoughts as well.
I am a God blessed pastor when you look at the group starting this church.

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