Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Are To GROW

Sunday morning meeting number three was a fun learning time as a group. First we had a little connection with each other over some coffee and rice-crispy treats
and then we heard how Dave and Inga Bodine began their relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ. After they told us their stories I read Ephesians 2:1-6 where the Apostle Paul spoke about what we are before having a relationship with Jesus Christ and then what happens when we do receive Him as Lord of our lives. Check it out for yourself, it's awesome.
The core value we studied this morning was GROW. We spoke of the things that contribute to our growth. i.e. trials, conferences, etc. We learned that God is the one who causes growth in our lives and listed off verses that encouraged us to grow. We also read from Galatians 5:20,21 which is a list of sinful acts. Talking about the things we don't do anymore also helped to show growth in our lives.
Here are some other fun pictures from the morning.

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Kristen said...

Hey Spoelstras! I found your blog through Mike and Emily McCaman's blog. So glad to hear of your new adventure in planting a church! I am excited for you guys and will be praying about this next step. Hard to believe how old all of your kiddos are now. Give Zach a big hug from me!