Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last Sunday morning the team had its second Sunday morning meeting. There was a little time at the beginning to reconnect with one another and get a cup of coffee.

The first item on the agenda was to hear from a friend of mine, Tyler Flynn, who works with Mission Columbus tutoring in the cities most impoverished neighborhood. I believe the group was touched by the information and some may sign-up to tutor.
Last week Melissa & I shared about how, when and where we came to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Each week one of the other couples will give their testimony as well. I arranged it all alphabetically so that means “A” is for Arena. It was neat to hear how both Mike & Karen came to Christ in their college years, have grown in Christ and now look to be stretched through their experience in helping launch Encounter Church.

The mornings topic of discussion was our core value of CELEBRATE. We spoke about why we celebrate the Lord: 1) b/c He is worthy 2) to fulfill our purpose 3) to remember what He has done 4) and b/c His Word tells us to. It was also said that we are to be seven day worshippers and that there is something special that occurs when we gather as a large group. We also talked about the many “postures” of worship that are found within God’s Word: lifting hands, shouting, bowing down, kneeling, silence, singing, etc. The group interaction was super as people shared the things that draw them into deeper worship and the things that can inhibit worship.
I had also asked Dalan Zartman (pictured) and Rob Dubois to share their thoughts about true worship. Each has been part of worship bands in the past and are the two within our group beginning the leadership in this area. The group benefited from their thoughts.
Next Sunday we talk about the core value GROW.

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