Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dentists Aren't So Bad

I thought I'd send this one out just for fun.
This is Dr. Brad Fulton my dentist of over ten years. The poor man has had to work on twenty-seven of my cavities (yes, I have a rotten mouth) over these years but yesterday was something different. The cap from a root canal I had done sixteen years ago in college came out and I uh...swallowed it while eating supper a few weeks back. Thankfully Brad did not require me or my friend Chuck Taylor to retreive it:-) Anyway, Brad was rebuilding the base of the tooth for a new crown. I should be good to go in just a few more weeks.

1 comment:

Sissy said...

Chuck is the colon, etc. doctor? :)
27!!! Wow - I've had my share too but I'm hoping pregnancy is partly my excuse.
How's your cap/crown now?