Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whirlwind Trip

This past Thursday, Aug. 14/08, I drove to Naperville, Ill. with Chuck Taylor. He is about to be one of Encounter Churches two small group leaders and is also the one elder from Grace Church (our Mother church)coming on the church plant. We went to meet and ask questions of Jon Ferguson, co-founder of Community Christian Church and Eric Meltcalf, the Adult Ministry Director.
Melissa & I had the pleasure of meeting and being taught by these guys at Exponential '08 in Orlando this past April. They are the ones who put the conference on and are truly committed to multiplying churches. In fact, when I told them I could see Encounter Church planting a new church within five years they came back with, "How about two or three?" Yikes these guys are serious!!!
Anyway, our time together wasn't wasted. Chuck and I barraged them with questions in their church building, the car and at the restaurant we ate at. These guys also have an entire network of churches throughout greater Chicagoland and across the country. They call it the NewThing Network. I find myself drawn to join this movement. Now I just need to spend some more time praying for wisdom and researching their stuff before jumping in with both feet.

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