Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final Exponential '09 Speaker

The conference ended with Francis Chan of Cornerstone Church. He didn't preach as much as he spoke from his heart. It's hard to fully explain what he said. If I had to boil it down I'd say he was urging us to live biblically authentic lives. He admitted the book of Acts has always troubled him b/c what he reads there about the start of the Church doesn't often match up with what is seen in today's world. He even joked that the Holy Spirit must be tired now as compared to then. He also emphasized that Christ followers should read and trust God's Word for themselves. The conference ended with Francis inviting all future church planters to come forward to be prayed over and anointed with oil. It was a powerful moment.

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Phil and Jen said...

Awesome, The part about the Acts church really hits home for me. I hope that Encounter can move boldy and strongly in that direction!