Monday, April 6, 2009

A great Palm Sunday morning service

Honestly I was more nervous for yesterday's Sunday service than any of the other nine before it. Part of it was living in the unknown. How many people would show up? Not having the same amount of time to prepare the message b/c it was Spring Break week leading up to Sunday. All these things factored into it. And in the end it all turned out great.
From what I know, everyone showed up to play their part and we had five visiting couples and a single young adult. The testimony was encouraging, the worship was powerful, the announcements were done well and the 1st-5th grade Ekids came in and sang a song at the end of the service while holding construction paper palm branches. If you want to listen to the message click here. This whole month we're talking about our core values: Celebrate, Grow, Serve, and Multiply. We're calling it You 2.0 , taking our walk with Christ to the next level.
I had someone come in to take a bunch a pictures so no one on the team had to do it. I'll be sure to share some of those with you in the future.
This coming Sunday is of course Easter and celebrate is the core value. What a great thing to celebrate: He is risen...He is risen indeed! Who knows who God will bring through those doors. I'll be sure to let you know:-)

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