Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great relationship at Exponential '09

This years conference for me was even more relational than last years. I met the NewThing Network guys last April and developed a relationship with them this past year over the phone, e-mail and three visits to the Chicagoland area. So coming to the conference was like a mini-reunion. Last night I went to a dinner for new people interested in being part of a church multiplication movement. It was fun to meet those who are considering a partnership with NewThing like ENCOUNTER has. I spoke with folks planting churches in Tenn., Mass., Kansas, Ill., and Mich. All of them either have or are in the process of planting daughter churches or campuses. It's been exciting hanging around those who are intentional about inviting people into a relationship with God.

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jill said...

AWESOME! May you continue to be blessed while you're there brother. Getting ready to go to worship practice...I'm singing again and loving it. I'm on a team with some really awesome people. Music has been amazing and the presence of our Holy Spirit has been awesome. I truly believe we're in the beginnings of the reivial... I've prayed about for a long, long time. Glad to finally be reading your blog :-) Jill Bower