Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An opportunity to SERVE

This coming Saturday, May 2nd many from our launch team will be volunteering at Eli Pinney Elementary where we have our services. Usually the first Saturday of each month we have Leadership Community also at the school but b/c they were booked for the same time we felt compelled (in a good way) to serve the school. Our people will be mulching, weeding, raking, planting and supplying all the food and drinks for those who show up for the neighborhood.

SERVE is one of our core values and Saturday morning gives us a perfect opportunity to live it out.
One of our sayings is "Good deeds, create good will, that allow us to share the Good News". Just serving alongside neighbors from around the school will be a good thing, even if we don't get to share about Christ verbally we're being His hands and feet publicly.

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