Saturday, April 4, 2009

LC #2 Review

I really enjoyed spending time with our leaders this morning. The set-up team, A/V guys and the hospitality team got everything set up before leadership community started at 9:00am. It's so nice that the school allows us to keep everything in its place overnight. It really takes the pressure off of us for the Sunday service. Our worship was led by our complete praise team consisting of a keyboardist, two guitar players and a female vocalist. They did great! They would like the team to grow though so if you know of anyone who plays the drums, electric guitar, or bass guitar let me know:-)
I had the opportunity to speak into the teams life and celebrate some of the blessings God has provided for us. We even sang, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow", off the cuff. I hadn't sung that in years.
Two entries ago I mentioned that we'd be doing something with our small group leaders and our "Give Away" money. Well...with our two small groups multiplying into four this month, and with the consent of our finance team, I handed each small group leader $250.00 to give away to a person, family or group of either that are in need. They are to get together as a small group and prayerfully consider how to do this before the end of May. Then we'll hear back from them and celebrate it publicly. I can't wait to hear the reports.
Lastly, Jeff Ruetty led the team in discussing how we will use our contact piece in inviting neighbors and friends to ENCOUNTER. The piece looks great and I'm proud to give it out. A big thank-you to the guys at Brown Cow Design for all the work they've done for us over the last
year. I look forward to seeing them again in three weeks at Exponential.

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